Our first ever fundraising gig at the Lion Hotel in Shrewsbury on January 10 2020 raised more than £4,000 that went towards our 2020 round of grant giving.

Thanks to Hannah James, John Jones, Steve Knightley, Phil Beer, Grace Petrie, Tim Cotterell and Al Scott for giving their time for free.

Photo: Kerstin Maier

Other fundraising

We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their kind donations:

Jon Hopkins fundraising gig (2018): £3,750

The Old Pluckers: £1,000

Fish Records (sale of fundraising CDs): £600

Helen Holding: £280

The HODs: £250

No Bones Jones (caterer at Shrewsbury Folk Festival): £124

El Dorado (caterer at Shrewsbury Folk Festival): £50

Martin Ratcliffe: £50

Richard Barnes: £10

Shrewsbury Folk Festival makes an annual donation to support the trust’s aims.